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Kilchberg School, Education

Customer Story: Kilchberg School

New ways of learning for the new generation

The Kilchberg School relies on versatile devices from Lenovo for the seamless execution of its digitized curriculum designed to transform the learning experience for young minds.



Located in a picturesque location overlooking the beautiful Lake Zurich, the Kilchberg School is a learning haven where young children are holistically educated from Kindergarten to Middle School. Lehrplan 21 was recently introduced in the school. It is a framework designed to harmonize the education system between the 21 German-speaking cantons in Switzerland and adopt a more practical approach to learning.

Lehrplan 21 strongly established the need to digitize learning and leverage technology in the school. The “Media and Information Technology” module associated with the new curriculum required 2-in-l devices for 4th, 5th and 6th graders that could be centrally managed. The laptops had to not only suit the needs of young users but be powerful enough for teachers.

Kilchberg School decided to opt for Lenovo’s ThinkPad 11e notebooks and ThinkPad X380 Yoga for its students and staff. With these modem computing devices at hand, the school was well-equipped to reap the benefits of the new teaching methods as underlined by Lehrplan 21. The procurement and testing of the new devices was supported by PathWorks GmbH.


Learning driven by technology

Wholesome education thrives on its ability to embrace technology. Lehrplan 21 is a framework based on a similar belief and propagates the unification and digitization of school curriculums. As a school that is quick to embrace innovation, when it came to choosing devices to support the new curriculum, the Kilchberg School took all measures to ensure they selected devices that were best both in terms of hardware and software. 

Given how the program aimed to nurture the eagerly curious minds of elementary and middle school students, the computers had to be resilient, reliable and versatile. There was also an additional requirement for powerful devices that teachers could use to make lesson plans, manage class assignments and review the academic performance of students. 

In the decision-making process, representatives of the teaching staff, the school management, the school commission, as well as the ICT department were involved. After serious consideration, Lenovo notebooks were chosen for their performance, reliability and ease of use.

While other manufacturers were considered, Lenovo was ultimately chosen for providing the right mix of functionalities along with great support services.

Fabian Bachmann, Head of ICT Department at Kilchberg School


Devices that deliver

Lenovo's ThinkPad 11e was chosen for the students as it is a hardy device engineered to withstand the rigors of the classroom while being extremely lightweight and easy to carry. The keyboard is water-resistant and houses mechanically-anchored keys that won’t come off even with rough use. With up to 10 hours of battery life, the ThinkPad 11e could last a full day of classes and more without the need to recharge.

The teaching staff, on the other hand, needed devices with the right balance of performance and portability. For this reason, the ThinkPad X380 Yoga series was chosen - an extremely flexible device featuring a 360° hinge that allows it to be used as a laptop for day- to-day tasks, or re-positioned into tablet, tent or stand mode for making small group presentations and discussions.


Easy to deploy and manage

The deployment timeline was of the essence in this undertaking. The school decided to use Microsoft AutoPilot to accelerate the process. In fact, it was one of the first schools in Switzerland to use Microsoft AutoPilot.

Microsoft AutoPilot allowed devices to be pre-registered and pre-configured so that a new device need not be installed with images or drivers. Fabian appreciated how anyone could put the device into operation from anywhere and make it ready for use in less than 30 minutes. As a result, the school’s IT department enjoyed a hassle-free installation experience. What’s more, the school was able to hand over the laptops directly to the students who relished the opportunity of being able to unpack their notebooks.

The implementation of this project was seamless and successful because Lenovo, PathWorks GmbH and the Kilchberg School worked cohesively. PathWorks GmbH advised and coordinated the purchase of the laptops and accessories, as well as the organization of the test equipment. Lenovo helped with deployment.

The Lenovo LanSchool Classroom Management Software was chosen to streamline communication and collaboration among students and teachers. Homework could be distributed via the tool, and teachers could carry out small tests and collect responses. The chat and messaging features of the solution made learning interactive, allowing teachers to support students with timely answers.


Looking ahead

A team from Lenovo recently visited the school and were delighted to see how intuitively the students of 4th Grade were using their notebooks and enjoying being taught in this digital environment by the teachers. It was proof that the deployment of the new devices from Lenovo was a big success for the school.

Fabian knows that the role played by technology in transforming education will become increasingly important in the years to come. He believes that with partners like Lenovo and PathWorks GmbH by their side, the school is ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow.