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Predict and prevent common PC health issues with Lenovo Device Intelligence

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A Truly Intelligent Digital Experience Monitoring Solution Predicts and Solves Issues Causing Device Failures

Productivity issues can be caused by performance degradation, systemic issues with Blue Screens of Death (BSODs), hardware failures, and more. Yet so many Digital Experience Monitoring solutions (DEMs) only provide user insight for device hardware failures, which helps to reduce downtime but does not get to the root of the problem. With Lenovo Device Intelligence you can see beyond your devices to find out what’s really holding your organization back.

Digital Experience Monitoring Solutions Address Common IT Frustrations

93% of IT leaders

Say investing in IT automation gets teams focused on more strategic tasks1

77% of IT staff’s time

Is dedicated to maintenance and support2

85% Accuracy Rate

Lenovo Device Intelligence Predicting the Most Common Blue Screens of Death Prior to Failure3

sources: 1.LogicMonitor 2.Techaisle/Lenovo 3. Demonstrated under laboratory conditions when testing for the networking/telecom industry’s most common cause of BSOD.

Lenovo Device
Intelligence Explained

Lenovo Device Intelligence uses AI to monitor device performance and generate helpful PC health insights. It can predict which devices are likely to fail and alerts IT administrators before the problem occurs.

  • Swiftly resolve current and predicted issues
  • Reduce employee downtime and increase productivity
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Optimize support costs

Predictive analytics can help organizations achieve a 10 to 40% reduction in IT maintenance costs*. IT administrators can view health status for individual PCs and the device fleet, using a convenient dashboard, so your teams can spend less time treading water, reacting to urgent issues, and more time focused on strategic issues that will help drive your business forward.

*McKinsey 2017: Analytics Unleashes productivity and profitability

Lenovo Device
Intelligence in Action

Lenovo Device Intelligence monitors your device health, collecting data from millions of Lenovo devices. It enriches this data with your organization’s data to identify abnormal behavior, predicting potential failures before they occur.

Operating within a multi-layered security environment, Lenovo Device Intelligence keeps your organization’s sensitive data private and accessible only to authorized users. When deployed across your fleet, Lenovo Device Intelligence becomes more intuitive over time, equipping your teams with the tools to resolve device performance issues at scale.

Lenovo Device Intelligence Dashboard

When using Lenovo Device intelligence, IT administrators have access to a secure dashboard providing key metrics and deep insights into device status, performance, and history.

  • PC Health Scores for Fleets and Individual Devices
  • Proactive Alerts of Potential Problems
  • Top Crash Types
  • Crash Frequency by Device Type
  • Apps Affecting System Performance
  • Storage Capacity Usage
  • Battery Warranty Status
  • Battery Capacity Levels
  • Battery Cycle Counts
  • Windows Device Manager Errors


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