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Intelligent Transformation happens when devices and data center infrastructure, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), work together to create powerful solutions.

Digital transformation helps businesses connect the physical world of products, people, and environments to the digital world of software, data, and networks.

Smarter Technology for All
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Smart IoT

Smart IoT means that our current devices become smarter—always on and always connected. Smart devices make collaboration with other devices easy, adapting to your needs with natural language interactions, seamless cloud connections, and enhanced security and privacy protections.

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Smart Infrastructure

Smart Infrastructure provides the computing, storage, and networking power to support intelligence. Lenovo’s rich portfolio of edge and data center solutions supports the individual needs of our different customers—traditional data centers for enterprise core applications, software-defined for customers who need better agility and flexibility, hyperscale for public cloud companies, and high-performance computing for scientific computing and AI applications.

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Smart Verticals

Data generated from Smart IoT fuels insights for Smart Verticals. The computing power for this intelligence engine is our Smart Infrastructure. Data is sorted, cleansed, and analyzed by Lenovo’s big data tools. By combining this business intelligence with advanced algorithms, we are building advanced, industry-specific models that provide insights to dramatically enhance the processes or decision-making in the specific value chain or use case.

Intelligent Transformation Solutions

Lenovo’s heritage of innovation, our comprehensive portfolio of digital
solutions, and our own transformation as a company provide the necessary
vision and capabilities to help you succeed in digital transformation.

A Manufacturing Revolution Driven by Smarter Insights

Lenovo Smart Edge devices are leading the way for the next industrial revolution by helping manufacturers move smarter computing to the edge of the supply chain. From assembly line to warehouse dock, Smart Edge servers and devices are ideal for hostile computing environments across your always-on, always-connected supply chain.

Edge solutions for Smart Manufacturing are ideal for multi-vendor, multi-protocol connectivity between OT and IT systems. Smart devices power AI-driven decision-making at the edge.


DCC Solution in Action

Operators at warehouse and distribution centers lose 15% of margin to human error. Lenovo’s changing that.

Optimize Logistic Operation

Learn how to start your supply chain transformation with Lenovo’s Digital Distribution Center (DDC) solution developed with NVIDIA and Microsoft.


Smart Manufacturing

Connect Place with Performance

Lenovo Smart Edge solutions help buildings adapt to how people live and work while preventing equipment breakdowns and reducing energy consumption. Designed to make buildings more efficient, more comfortable, and safer, Smart Edge devices securely deliver the operational insights to dynamically improve building performance and profitability.

Edge solutions for Smart Buildings connect diverse protocols across your building systems and overcome connectivity challenges with built-in LTE functionality. All this, and the computing power to make tough decisions at the edge, including:

  • Environmental and Energy Management
  • Smart Parking and Mobility
  • Building and Workspace
  • Personalization Adaptive Lighting and Wayfinding


Smart Homes

Smart Homes are the foundation of residential Smart Buildings. Lenovo harnesses the power of IoT, creating a truly smart home experience.


Smart Building

Close the Gap between Brick-and-Mortar and Click-and-Order

Lenovo Smart Edge solutions help retailers deliver the power of online shopping to the physical store customer experience. Capture shopper behavior, personalize in-store signage, and boost staff productivity with Smart Edge servers and devices that deliver actionable intelligence from the parking lot to the point of sale.

Edge solutions for Smart Retail are ideal for the space limitations of retail facilities. They also deliver rugged reliability for:

  • In-Store Inventory Tracking
  • Automated Ordering and Checkout
  • Dynamic Wayfinding
  • Product Placement Optimization
  • Targeted Promotion


Future-ready store infrastructure

Smart Homes are the foundation of residential Smart Buildings. Lenovo harnesses the power of IoT, creating a truly smart home experience.


Smart Retail
Deploy a Secure, Dynamic Global Nervous System
Smart IoT end-to-end security from the edge to the cloud.


Your company doesn’t have time for security breaches or attacks on the IoT sensors distributed across your network. That’s why we created ThinkShield, a customizable security platform. Our innovative portfolio of cutting-edge solutions protects your data, users, devices, and business operations from the edge to the cloud.

Lenovo IoT solutions focus on smart connectivity, business security, and manageability from the harshest manufacturing and retail environments to your building’s rooftop. Secure IoT solutions from Lenovo keep you and your smarter-than-cybercriminals enterprise one step ahead.



From concept and development to supply chain and manufacturing, we ensure your device is secure from every angle.

Supply Chain Security

  • Lenovo directly oversees the security of suppliers who build intelligent components.

  • All suppliers must use industry standard practices and meet strict security and transparency measures.

  • Processes are aligned with Intel® Transparent Supply Chain.

Secure Product Development

  • Built-in, secure, self-healing BIOS protects the device and allows it to restore itself if it is damaged or corrupted.

  • Self-encrypting drives (SED) provide tamper-resistant drive security by locking them or cryptographically erasing them.

Lenovo’s Smart End-to-End IoT Device Portfolio

Bold, secure, modern devices managing data that fuels intelligence.

ThinkCentre® M90n Nano IoT


ThinkCentre® M90n Nano IoT

When space and operating conditions are a concern, Lenovo’s Nano IoT delivers. A fraction of the size of a PC, the fanless ThinkCentre® M90n is far quieter than most PCs and can be tucked in almost anywhere—under a desk, behind a kiosk or digital sign, or on the manufacturing floor. What’s more, it meets the most stringent of durability tests (including military standards) and can withstand the harshest of work environments.

ThinkCentre® M90n Nano IoT I/O Box


ThinkCentre® M90n Nano IoT I/O Box

Why rip out legacy systems when an I/O box can quickly and easily breathe new life into them?

IoT-ready and IoT-certified, the Nano IoT I/O Box is designed with the ever-expanding IoT network in mind. It is certified for Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, Microsoft Azure IoT Edge, and Ubuntu. It also supports 4G LTE technology, enabling it to communicate faster with your network.

EPC300 Edge Gateway


EPC300 Edge Gateway

Lenovo’s first fully integrated edge computing device, the EPC300, delivers flexibility with balanced performance to support most IoT requirements. This edge server delivers ultimate versatility with a fanless design, Intel® 9th Gen vPro™ technology, and operating ranges from 0° to 50°C. Versatile mounting capabilities and flexible IoT connections support legacy wired and wireless deployment—including LTE.

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IoT520 Edge Server


IoT520 Edge Gateway

Industrial IoT-ready, the Lenovo IoT520 is designed for extended use in the harshest environments. The workhorse of Industrial IoT (IIoT), the IoT520 delivers maximum connectivity to support Smart transportation, facility management, and industrial applications. This Smart Edge device is ideally suited for equipment monitoring in rugged conditions with local data collection and cloud analysis.

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“Lenovo’s Smart Edge solutions
enable business insights from the edge of the enterprise. We’re IT innovators with expertise in enterprise device durability, management, and service. Our secure Smart Edge devices are designed for the most rugged real-time environments.

Smart Edge—where you’ll find insights that transform business.”


Jon Pershke
Vice President of Strategy & Emerging Business
Lenovo Intelligent Devices Group’s PCs & Smart Devices Business


Meet Nano IoT

See how Lenovo’s Nano IoT helps you better understand customer buying behaviors, streamline recommendations, and mitigate risks.

Digital Distribution Center

Read more about Lenovo’s Digital Distribution Center (DDC) solution—an IoT solution developed in collaboration with NVIDIA and Microsoft.

See our DDC take action

Operators at warehouse and distribution centers lose 15% of margin to human error! Lenovo’s changing that.

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