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Smarter ways to maximize productivity and collaboration

Ready-to-go solutions to bring your team together, wherever they are.

Make hybrid working work better

Getting the best out of your workforce now means using specific solutions aligned to today’s hybrid working world. Solutions that are focused on making life easier, to foster better productivity. That’s at the core of every Lenovo productivity solution.


Find productivity gains in your organization

Make teamwork easier with seamless collaboration, provide a consistent working experience everywhere, and uncover new ways to work more efficiently. Everyone becomes more productive when they have the right tools, in the right place, at the right time.


Make it happen with these ready to go solutions


Complete conference room

Bring everyone together in one room, wherever they are, and reach more productive outcomes faster. The Lenovo Complete Conference Room is an all-in-one solution that breaks down technology and management barriers to give you an exceptional conference experience, quickly and simply, every time.


Remote work enablement

Get remote workers up and running faster with a standardized experience, using ready-to-go remote offices. The Lenovo Remote Work Enablement solution saves you time and money, delivering all the hardware and services your workforce needs – without hitting any IT speed bumps.


VDI hosted desktops

Provide powerful functionality to any device, simply and securely. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure allows you to host your choice of configuration and allow access via thin clients. So you can match functionality to need without duplicating expensive hardware in the field.


The Modern Workplace

Enable your workers to be their most productive, efficient, and reliable selves by harnessing the latest technology and collaborative tools. The Modern Workplace keeps employees connected and engaged, to ensure your business evolution in a rapidly developing world.


Lenovo Managed Security

Defend your business from increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks, across every step of a device’s lifecycle. From the factory, to supply chain, to real-world use – our comprehensive security services keep your endpoints and end-users protected and productive, no matter where they’re working.


Lenovo Smart Fleet Services

Take control of every endpoint in your ecosystem, and manage it all from one pane of glass. Fine-tune your hardware and software to work whichever way you prefer. Easily increase network security, improve the employee experience and give everyone the tools they need to be maximally productive.

Results that make a difference


Enhance teamwork

Get to the point of meetings without wasting time wrestling the technology.


Set standards

Easily provide your remote workers with the best tools for their job.


Hit the accelerator

Implement the solutions your teams need quickly and simply.

Get there with TruScale

For minimum up-front cost and complete scalability, these solutions are also available as-a-service, with Lenovo TruScale.

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