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Customer Story: COJE Displays

Gearing up for global recognition

COJE Displays is a South Korean company that specializes in the design and manufacture of display solutions for many different industries. From medical imaging devices to large screen public information displays, the company offers a range of display solutions valued for their superior performance. The company's R&D team is dedicated to leveraging cutting-edge technologies to deliver productivity and efficiency benefits to customers worldwide.

This company holds a firm position in the Korean medical display system market and is determined to make a name for itself globally. The company has collaborated with domestically-located Korean and global healthcare companies as a strategy to enter the global market. For example, COJE is currently collaborating with Osstem Implant, the leading implant provider in South Korea, to target the global market – particularly China and Vietnam.

However, penetrating the international market is not an easy task. "Although our products are popular in the domestic market, the biggest obstacle to targeting the international market is product credibility on a global scale," said Heo Hun, the Director at COJE Displays. "To overcome this obstacle, we needed to partner with a global technology brand that inspired confidence and shared our values," he added.

Aspiring for more

For some time now, COJE Displays has proactively sought ways to enter the international market. Through its collaboration with OSSTEM IMPLANT, dental equipment with COJE's display technology is being introduced in China and Vietnam. The company has long supplied commercial products for specialized sectors such as marine and airfield observation. COJE Displays is also collaborating with other companies to launch monitoring display products for X-Rays and endoscopy for global exports. However, the company continued to face difficulties when trying to enter the global market for medical display solutions – its flagship product.

The challenge was credibility. Although COJE Displays products were domestically renowned for quality and performance, the company was either unknown or barely recognized outside Korea. To overcome this challenge, COJE Displays boldly discarded its own hardware product and went in search of a brand or product with global recognition. After reviewing several global brands, it chose Lenovo.

We thoroughly assessed foreign brands that were strong players in the medical equipment market in Korea. After deliberating on brand reliability as well as brand value in locations that we want to target, Lenovo was our choice

Heo Hun, Director, COJE Displays

COJE Displays also considered function value over price as a factor in their decision-making. The company appreciated the fact that Lenovo provided products with Window 10, Pi or other current operating systems at prices significantly lower than its competitors.

Strengthening the business offering

COJE first used Lenovo for tablets with OSSTEM's dental equipment, and with video monitoring workstations for endoscopy and X-rays. The chosen Lenovo products were 1000 units of Lenovo Tab E10, 1200 units of ThinkStation P520c and 1000 units of ThinkStation P330 Tiny.

Lenovo Tab E10 is a 10.1" tablet with support for each member's account and Dolby Atmos® realistic audio.

The compact ThinkStation P520c can handle heavy workloads with ease and is great for multi-tasking. It is a powerful system equipped with the newest processing technology, graphics, storage, and memory options and can be configured according to the client's preferences. Despite being reasonably priced, it not only boasts exceptional energy also offers VR functions and comes with Independent Software Vendors (ISV) certification.

ThinkStation P330 Tiny is 96% smaller than traditional workstations. But despite its size, it is a robust and reliable workstation, ideal for efficient performance in industries like engineering, science, architecture, medicine, and finance.

This device also supports a maximum of 6 cores per CPU, an 8th generation Intel Core Processor, fast memory and dual M.2 storage system that enables multiple tasks to be processed with ultimate speed. Another advantage is its effective security offering, delivered via data encryption and a physical locking system.

A promising partnership

COJE Displays has deployed Lenovo devices to target the Asian Vietnam and China. Since Lenovo is already recognized for its credibility in China and other parts of COJE Displays is renowned for its technology offering in Korea, the collaboration presented COJE Displays with wings to fly.

These devices were extremely reliable, and the rare procedural errors that occurred were normalized in just 2-3 hours via Lenovo's Premier Support service. COJE Displays was happy to note that their customers were extremely satisfied with Lenovo's problem-solving abilities. This further strengthened the company's trust in Lenovo.

Heo Hun acknowledged the impact of this relationship on business. "It is hard to say that the collaboration with Lenovo directly contributes to our current revenue, but if we factor in the synergy effect, then collaboration represents more than 40%. This is incredibly positive and encouraging for future business operations abroad," he said.

"We plan to actively expand our business, not only to China and Vietnam, but also to New Zealand, Thailand, and the entire Asia Pacific region. And we'd like to extend our business partnership with Lenovo to reach these goals," he further added.

Looking ahead

COJE Displays is confident that this partnership with Lenovo will play an integral role in driving the momentum necessary for penetrating the global market.  "Our clients are highly satisfied with the products we've provided through our ongoing collaboration with Lenovo. Our surveys show that customer satisfaction rate exceeded 95%," commented Heo Hun. "We will not just maintain our relationship with Lenovo but solidify it further in the time ahead," he proudly added.

Heo Hun explained that the current trend in demand is not in single products, but a total solution connected to the company business, including PCs, workstations or tablets. Therefore, COJE Displays aims to direct its future business towards being a total solution provider.

"We will solidify our relationship with Lenovo who have proven their credibility with our customers. And through this partnership, we plan to focus on penetrating the Asian market and beyond," remarked Heo Hun.