Deliver a user experience that matters to the business
Bring greater breadth, agility, and quality to your tech deployments with a Device as a Service model.

Deploy powerful new technologies

Technological innovation continues to outpace the average lifespan of devices. But you’ll no longer be stuck with obsolete hardware with Lenovo DaaS. Thanks to end-to-end lifecycle management you can provide your organization’s people with the latest technology to power business forward.

With Lenovo DaaS, get the most out of Lenovo’s suite of smarter devices, powered by Intel vPro®, an Intel® Evo™ Design and Windows 11 Pro. Your employees will be equipped to work their best with the most innovative devices, while your IT team gets their time freed up to focus on more business-critical tasks.


The user experience reigns supreme

Remote work. The convergence of professional and private lives. Consumer-style expectations in the workplace. Today, the user experience matters more than it ever has. As does the technology you rely on to deliver it. Read this e-book to learn why.

of companies in APAC plan to spend more on IT in 2022.

SWZD, The 2022 State of IT in APAC

of CFOs will increase digital investments through 2023, despite inflation.

Gartner, STAMFORD, Conn., May 25, 2022

of CFOs remain focused on the areas where they can shift high fixed costs to variable costs.

Tricor Group, 2021 CFO Insights Survey Report

Introducing Lenovo TruScale Device as a Service

Your employees are your top investment. And with TruScale Device as a Service (TruScale DaaS), you’ll redefine the role of technology in the user experience. Using our digital workplace solutions, you’ll refocus IT and align costs and KPIs with the business. And you’ll make a positive impact on both talent retention and worker productivity.

With TruScale DaaS, you can:

Give employees everywhere the support they need

With a broad scope of hardware, software, and services, you’ll make a greater impact on your organization, regardless of where you do business.

Take advantage of flexible payment options

With the freedom to adapt spending as your organization changes, you’ll create new opportunities to save money and time, all while you use resources more wisely.

Ensure a consistent, reliable supply of quality devices

With an inventive approach to acquiring and managing devices, you’ll accelerate what technology can do for your employees and organization.


What will TruScale DaaS save you?

How does TruScale DaaS compare to traditional procurement models? See for yourself.

Smarter technology solutions for better business

Lenovo solutions empower transformation that raises the bar on individual productivity, team collaboration, and business agility.


Real TruScale DaaS customers, real results

With greater flexibility, cost-efficiency, and simplicity, more and more organizations have built exceptional user experiences with TruScale DaaS. Check out their stories below.

End-to-end IT support to meet a need for speed

How did one of Australia’s leading broadband providers use TruScale DaaS to speed up their time-to-fix?

Enabling flexible and secure hybrid classrooms

How did TruScale DaaS enable cost savings and an innovative way of learning for Adalens private school?

Staying competitive in a fast-paced environment

See how TruScale DaaS has enabled Taiwan Taxi to free up resources.

The future of education, now

Find out how TruScale DaaS offered an integrated solution to solve the latest challenges of hybrid learning.

Everything as a service. Lenovo TruScale.

Rise to meet every opportunity in your digital future with a bold, everything-as-a-service solution for enhancing your power, flexibility and scale.

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