Smarter helps manage your IT carbon footprint with tangible outcomes
Lenovo CO₂ Offset Service makes offsetting carbon emissions simple, and within your control

Offset carbon emissions of Lenovo devices

Lenovo CO2 Offset Services is one of the first of its kind in the technology industry. We’ve estimated the value of carbon emissions for Lenovo devices and servers over an average lifecycle - from manufacture to daily use to end of life.

When you choose to opt-in, our service will offset your devices’ emissions by supporting verified United Nations, CDM, Gold Standard®, Climate Action Reserve climate action projects.

Why choose Lenovo’s CO2 Offset Services?

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Offset the carbon cost for every hardware transaction, old and new, at point of purchase. We help you to account for each device’s average emissions.

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Take future emissions into consideration. We offset emissions associated with device production, shipping, and energy usage over an average lifecycle.

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Achieve your targets with more efficiency and simplify meeting the standards of governance, using clear and detailed data.

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View details of the environmental project that your offset supports through your hardware serial number.

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We work with a range of partners, including United Nations, Gold Standard® Climate Action projects, so you can trust the impact and integrity of the environmental projects your business is supporting.

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Help your business address social responsibility concerns and targets, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Real stories, tangible impact

We make carbon offsetting easy and help businesses manage their IT carbon footprint. Hear what our customers have to say -

img ilunion

Building a better world with
everyone included

ILUNION is working towards a more inclusive economy within the framework of sustainable development. By offsetting carbon emissions of their Lenovo devices, Lenovo CO2 Offset Services helped them bring their target forward by three months.

img UoB
University of Birmingham

Tangible solutions to manage carbon footprint

The University of Birmingham is planning their rise to top 50 of the world’s leading universities by putting sustainability first. To help them, Lenovo CO2 Offset Services is making offsetting emissions easy as part of their hardware configuration process.

img sustainable IT

Delivering more sustainable IT,

Enthus has launched the Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 server with Lenovo CO2 Offset Services to prove to its customers that sustainability doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. By partnering with Lenovo, Enthus can offer sustainable IT solutions quickly and effectively without slowing down IT purchases or making the implementation more complex.

Customers reward sustainable business

It’s not just the environment that benefits from sustainable business practice. Organizations recognized in the media as positively affecting climate change have seen their share price outperform by 26% (1.4% per year over the MSCI world index)1



of consumers would change their purchasing habits to reduce negative environmental impact1



of consumers say it’s important that brands are sustainable and environmentally responsible2



consider traceability to be very important and are willing to pay a premium for brands that provide it2.

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Now offset carbon emissions as part of your IT purchase

You can add carbon offset as part of your IT hardware purchase and Lenovo will work with an Environmental Partner to compensate the CO2 emissions associated with your device.

We’ve done the math for you and have projected the carbon emissions per device for an average device lifecycle. You can find that information here.

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Transparency of carbon offsets across your IT fleet

You can also request access to a personalized Sustainability Dashboard for a single view of carbon offset metrics of your Lenovo technology. With simplified reporting, you can manage your IT carbon footprint from the device level to the entire IT fleet, download confirmation of your carbon offset and view details of the United Nations, Gold Standard® Climate Action project that your offsets support. Through this dashboard, you can also manage your IT carbon footprint in a more transparent and efficient way.

Smarter Technology for a more sustainable future

It’s one thing to offset your carbon footprint. It’s another to keep it low from the start. Lenovo is leading the way in innovative packaging. By combining bamboo fiber technology with other innovative materials, the Lenovo packaging team has created plastic-free packaging3 for ThinkPad X1 and Z series and introduced a cushion containing 30% ocean-bound plastic3 on the ThinkPad L14 Gen 3.

img packaging



The bamboo fiber is sleek, lightweight and 100% rapidly renewable. Since 2008, Lenovo has eliminated 3737 metric tons of packaging consumption by weight3.


img recycled materials


Recycled Materials

In 2021, Lenovo introduced 75% recycled aluminum3 for the A/C covers of the ThinkPad Z13 Gen 1 and ThinkPad Z16 Gen 1, and 90% recycled magnesium3 for the A/C covers of the ThinkPad X13s Gen 1.


Lenovo Net-Zero by 2050

Lenovo is proud to announce its commitment to net-zero emissions by 2050 after having its science-based net-zero target validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). In alignment with SBTi’s first of its kind Net-Zero Standard, Lenovo commits to reduce absolute scope 1, 2, and 3 GHG emissions by 90% by FY2049/50 from a FY2018/19 base year. The remaining 10% residual GHG emissions will be neutralized at the target year as well as any GHG emissions released into the atmosphere thereafter.

img net zero

Need a secure and sustainable solution
to manage your old IT assets?

Lenovo Asset Recovery Services can help securely recycle your end-of-life IT assets and recover potential value.

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2 “Meet the 2020 consumers driving change: Why brands must deliver on omnipresence, agility, and sustainability” IBM, 2020:

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