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Predictive and proactive PC fleet management

Predict and prevent PC performance problems – at scale. Enable your IT teams to proactively solve potential issues with our solutions portfolio.

Take a more intelligent approach

Lenovo Device Intelligence Solutions – comprising Lenovo Device Intelligence (our core solution) and Lenovo Device Intelligence Plus (our enhanced offer) – are PC health management SaaS solutions using proactive device insights and AI-driven predictive analytics to help keep fleets running at peak performance.

Both solutions resolve current and predicted issues, optimize support costs, reduce employee downtime, and improve the user experience.


Growing complexity for IT teams



of IT teams say they’re preoccupied with support and maintenance



of IT staff time is dedicated to maintenance and support



of IT professionals report PC downtime decreases productivity

Source: Techaisle/Lenovo U.S. SMB Managed Services Study, June 2018


Lenovo Device Intelligence explained

Lenovo Device Intelligence Solutions deliver comprehensive device insights, alerts, reports, fleet health, and user experience scoring. Key business indicators highlight areas impacting employee uptime and better inform asset resource allocation. With Lenovo Device Intelligence Solutions, IT organizations have a comprehensive set of PC-agnostic tools to:

  • Monitor & assess: Fleet health and end-user productivity impacts
  • Predict & prevent: Failures on storage, blue screens of death, applications
  • Analyze & resolve: Performance issues with proven remediation
  • Optimize & improve: PC health, end-user uptime and asset allocation

Smarter analytics

Lenovo Device Intelligence Solutions proactively monitor a broad array of data points across the device fleet, diagnose issues impacting performance, and surface helpful remediations.

The solutions leverage machine and deep-learning AI methods in its advanced predictive analytics modeling. The models continually improve and become more adept at detecting potential problems and adapting to your specific environment, while advanced issue notification helps IT to prioritize and resolve issues. In addition, the Lenovo Device Intelligence Plus solution adds even more device insights and increased functionality to drive better business outcomes.


Lenovo Device Intelligence
puts you in control

IT administrators gain access to a secure dashboard providing key metrics on current and predicted issues, device insights, fleet performance, and history.

  • PC health scores for fleets and individual devices
  • Proactive alerts of potential problems
  • Recommended remediations
  • Top crash types
  • Crash frequency by device type
  • Apps affecting system performance
  • Storage capacity usage
  • Battery stats
  • Windows Device Manager errors
  • …and more

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Why choose Lenovo Device Intelligence?


Go further with Lenovo Device
Intelligence Plus

Lenovo Device Intelligence Plus gives your teams even more analytical tools to measure performance and gain deeper insights into your device fleet, improving end-user experience.

  • LDI Core capabilities
  • Asset optimization
  • Persona Analysis Insights
  • Productivity impact assessments
  • Digital User Experience (UX) scoring
  • Root cause analyses
  • Peer benchmark comparisons
  • and much more…
Lenovo Device Intelligence Plus

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Valuable insights and actionable metrics

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